Event Medical Cover

With a plethora of event medical providers look for one that compliments your event.

What is the RRAMS difference?


In short, we are the quiet professionals, ever reliable, ever professional and a visible presence as part of your event team, not just an add on.

We quickly develop a rapport with you, the client and your customers, providing a seemless integration to your event.

From initial consultantion, to unique & bespoke medical event plans to post event reporting and debriefing we are with you every step of the way. We provide a dedicated individual manager to your event to whom you have access to 24hr/7 should the need arise.

What we can provide?


Given our dual capable role of rescue & medical, we can provide a plethora of highly trained and specialist clinicians depending upon your event and specific task requirements.


With have clinicians ranging from Emergency Care Ambulance assistances, emergency ambulance technicians, nurses, physiotherapists, paramedics and doctors of various specialisms.


These clincians can be deployed in a variety of circumstances such as vehicle based, medical response teams, field hospital teams. 


Our Vehicles


Given our stature and experience we can supply a variety of task dependent vehicles for your event:

  • Ambulances in alignment with NHS ambulance service specifications
  • Rapid reponse vehicles
  • Specialist 4x4 rescue ambulance
  • Quad bikes
  • Motorcycles


Our role at your event

You will have a dedicated liaison manager, team leader and clincial lead. All these people have different roles but, all combined, will make your event hassle & stress free.

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