Remote Medical Cover

Whether your event is several hours or several days away from definitive care; Remote Rescue & Medical Services have the ability to assist.

Do you have an event in a remote location?


This is not an issue for us at RRaMS. We utilise the expertise of current and ex serving military medical and rescue personnel.

Our team is able to provide a robust medical evacuation plan specific to the terrain and climate that your event is taking place in.

We have access to both vehicle based and personal rescue equipment that works across any terrain. We have statef the art GPS locators and communications equipment, so should the need for evacuation occur this will occur seamlinglessly. 

Our specialists are just that, we can provide rescue resources across difficult terrain, water and at height, our teams are highly trained professionals who undergo regular revalidation of their rescue and clinical skills. 


We have a task specific customised rescue 4x4 ambulance which can be retor fitted with all the equipment and resources required so whether hot or cold climates, sand, mud or gravel, we have a solution.

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